Sunday July 8th



A bit of rain or too much sun, the festival will be covered naturally by the concrete bridges in any case. Don’t worry!

By bike

Crossroads is so easy to reach by bike you won’t even break sweat or get thirsty. In case you do, we’ll be handing out free refreshing drinks for bikers at our secured and free bicycle parking

Check out the festival map below to find the exact location of the bike parking.

By tram

A festival couldn’t be more accessible than this: Tram 81’s final stop Marius Renard is less than a minute-walk away from our entrance!

With stops at: Montgomery, Flagey, Barrière, Gare du Midi, Saint-Guidon & more. Just hop on the 81 line and you’ll be there in no time. With 6 trams every hour till after midnight, you shouldn’t worry about getting home too.

With Uber

Your bike broke down or not feeling it to take Tram 81 to the festival? You can also take a Uber, make use of a DriveNow care or just take one of the many Vélo’s in the city centre.

By car

Crossroads is so easy to reach by bike or public transport (Tram 81) so why take the car? If you have to, we’ve foreseen two designated, free & secure parkings, so don’t bother our neighbours.

Parking A: Olympische Dreef, Anderlecht  
Parking B: Decathlon parking, Anderlecht 

Maps & routes below.

Eco cups

Crossroads 2018 is using reusable eco-cups for the second year in a row to avoid wasting plastic. With your first drink you leave one token deposit on your cup and receive a deposit token. You can exchange your old cup for a new drink at the bar.

When you’re ready to go you can get your money back at any time: just hand over your deposit token + cup at the cashback point.

Let’s work for a happier planet

Festival map

New places to explore, new people to meet, new discoveries to be made… Where will your journey take you?

A slightly renewed playground, full of surprises, chill spots, and, above all, an extra stage! Get ready, #xrds18 looks great!

Extra info


It’s forbidden by the federal police to take any bags onto the festival grounds, small handbags are allowed. The lockers to store your belongings can be found at the entrance.


Crossroads will be open from 13h00 till 22h00 on Sunday July 8th.
After party at Fuse will take place from 22h00 till …


Multiple token booths and the Merchandising booth accept cash and payment by bank or credit card (Maestro/Mastercard/Visa). These counters are well signposted, just look around!


The lockers to store your belongings can be found at the entrance. It’s forbidden by the federal police to take any bags onto the festival grounds, small handbags are allowed.


Using the toilets is free of charge at Crossroads. It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public. When caught urinating in public you run the risk of being removed from the festival grounds.


During the festival a team of the Rode Kruis (Red Cross) and a doctor will be permanently present. You can recognize the Rode Kruis by their Red Crossed flag with a red cross. 🙂


Your good vibes and will to rave.


It is not allowed to enter the festival ground with the following objects: animals (except guide-dogs), own food and drinks, spray cans, drugs (except accompanied by a doctor’s note), glass, cans, plastic bottles, weapons, football club flags, sticks, walking sticks (medical crutches and devices excepted), banners, items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, blunt, stab or thrust weapons or firearms or other items that might be used as a weapon, items that might have a negative effect on the safety, health or wellbeing of the festival-goers, sprays, fireworks, liquids, torches and any other item which may be considered as dangerous by the organisation.

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